Biometric solutions

We’re discovering the human eye’s potential

The human eye is a remarkable technology that can do so much more than just turn darkness into light. A photo of your eye can distinguish you from millions of other people. A video of an eye can help airlines prevent fatigued or medicated pilots from flying. A history of videos and pictures allow doctors to detect early signs of brain illnesses. What’s next?
Our cutting-edge research is changing the landscape of biometrics directly and behind the scenes. We can help your organization with tapping into the eye’s potential to enhance your security, health and scalability.

See how we can help you build your biometric solutions

Mobile Security

Add iris identification into your applications. Mobile app for capturing the person’s iris and cloud service for two-factor authentication.

Health & Awareness

End-to-end solution to quickly test if a person is sober and alert to safely do their job, operate a vehicle or keep others safe.

Consulting Services

Learn how our research and experience can help your organization provide the best security and safety. Experts in biometrics and IT.